Sunday 12th – Saturday 18th SEPTEMBER 2021 // £1340pp

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Mountain passes, open highways and lush, rolling landscapes with excellent hotels to relax in at night.

This 7 day European Road Trip takes on some of the best driving roads & Passes in the Alps. We will be enjoying a 3 night stop-over in one of our hand picked hotels (no re-packing of luggage) with short and full day driving options for these days. On this adventure we drive the Fluela, San Bernardino, Gotthard, Furka, Grimsel and Susten Passes, to name just a few.

This trip starts & finishes in the UK.

Fluela Pass

One of the most beautiful passes we’ll drive on any of our trips. With it’s flowing curves and slight undulations, the Fluela is a superb road to drive.


The final night on our adventure will be at the Nurburgring where we’ll stay at one of the trackside hotels and dine at the famous Pistenklause restaurant. The Nordschleife track is NOT guaranteed to be open for public laps – check the official website for times.

Furka Pass

Immortalised by the DB5/Mustang car chase in Goldfinger, this stunning pass in the Swiss Alps features tight switchbacks and long sweeping curves along the mountainside.

European Road Trip, Susten Pass

Susten Pass

The initial stretch sweeps slowly up a beautiful scenic valley floor. The road then steepens and starts to hug the granite walls of the valley as it climbs, with a series of beautiful sweepers before a final tighter stretch and switchbacks to the top.

San Bernardino Pass

The San Bernadino Pass is one of the most beautiful and smoothest mountain passes in the Alps and really is the best way to get from Switzerland to Italy.

Drive Silvretta High Alpine Road, Car Rally Europe

Silvretta High Alpine Road

The Silvretta Hochalpenstraße (High Alpine Road) is considered to be one of the most beautiful panoramic roads in the Alps. It is 22.3 km long and runs through a total of 34 bends.

European Driving Holiday, Switzerland

Maloja Pass

The deep valleys & high peaks make for very dramatic scenery. A drive along the Maloja pass in Switzerland is a rewarding experience.

drive the route 500 in germany

The Black Forest

A road that combines glass smooth sweeping sections elevated above the forest and dramatic switchback runs.

Namlos Valley, Austria

Namlos Valley

You’ll want to concentrate on the winding road in front of you but we guarantee you’ll be distracted by the stunning views that surround you as you travel through one of Austria’s most stunning areas.