Hillsalive bespoke car luggage

So you’re thinking about coming on our Rico Rally European driving holiday, in your prized sports car, but are worried by the lack of luggage space. How do you use your special car without cramming things into a collection of soft bags?

We think that Hillsalive tailored luggage may just have the answer.

All their luggage is fully stiffened and shaped to fit the luggage space for maximum practicality. The baggage is light weight, made of a smart, abrasion-resistant polyester available in a range of colours, with brushed nylon linings.

Just have a look at their Fitted Luggage shop to see all kinds of bespoke luggage for your classic or modern sports car.

And as Hillsalive say… No longer will you struggle to re-pack your car every morning when you are touring because…

If it fits into the bags
it fits into the car!

So now you’ve no excuse. Get signed up to Rico Rally and grab yourself some bespoke luggage for the trip.