Le Mans Race Circuit

As part of Rico Rally we’ll be driving to the Le Mans Motor Museum – located on the edge of the Bugatti and Sarthe circuits, this museum is a car-lovers’ paradise. Exhibits cover everything from the early history of motor racing through to what makes a car engine tick. The Musée Automobile de la Sarthe also includes a superb collection of 150 vehicles dating back as far as the late 19th century, including racing cars connected with some of the biggest stars past and present. Other attractions include audio-visual shows, a simulated high-speed track and a chance to walk the track.

A visit to the Le Mans museum provides the opportunity to see some very rare cars, like the 1974 Matra 670B, the 1983 Rondeau M 482, the 1998 Jaguar XJR9, the Mazda 787 B, the four rotor Wankel engined car that won in 1991, and the 1992 winning Peugeot 905 B. There are also examples of better known cars like the Ferrari 166 MM barchetta from 1949, the 1956 Lotus XI, the 1964 Porsche 904 GTS, the mid sixties Ford GT40, and the all conquering Porsche 917 from the early seventies. The majority of the cars in the museum are on loan from the collection of the Automobile Club de l’Ouest, or from those of private individuals, so there is always the possibility that there is a change of vehicles on view at any one time.

As part of the Rico Rally we’ll be visiting Le Mans on day two of our European Road trip so why not ENTER NOW and join us for 6 days of driving adventures.

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