Red Bull and Sebastian Loeb recently chose Mont Ventoux as their testing ground for their Pikes Peak Challenge.

Mont Ventoux is a 1910-m high conical peak that’s visible from far across the surrounding countryside.

Although geologically Mont Ventoux is part of the Alps, it’ss often considered to be separate from them, due to the lack of mountains of a similar height nearby. Its isolated position overlooking the valley of the Rhône ensures that it dominates the entire region and can be seen from many miles away on a clear day.

The view from the top is truly magnificent, especially if a Mistral has cleared the air. From the northeastern lookout alone you can see most of the Alps, including the Vercors, Chaine de Belledonne, Mont Blanc, the Ecrins, the Queyras and the Mercantour. If you are going to the top of Mont Ventoux during a Mistral, or any time other than the middle of summer, a good windbreaker and gloves will be appreciated.

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