Sunday 31st August saw the second of our Sunday Drivers events, this time in conjunction with GT Cars, APM Customs, Lamborghini Club UK and Autobant.

Around 50 cars turned up for the free driving day that set off from GT Cars just outside Appleton. At the meet point everyone was give their custom route map for the day – a 200 mile drive round some of the best roads that north Wales has to offer including the Evo triangle, Pass of Llanberis and Horseshoe Pass.

There was some spirited driving during the day from the host of cars that ranged from a stripped out MX5, through some lovely hot hatches from Ford and Subaru, the German power houses from BMW, Porsche and Mercedes, to a Ferrari 458 and Lambroghini Gallardo.

Plans are underway for events in 2015 including a ‘Lakes Edition’ and ‘Midlands Edition’. So if you’re a car enthusiast, who likes to drive their car, pop your details here for updates on upcoming Sunday Driver events.

Photos Courtesy of @Autobant