The Susten Pass links the Reuss Valley at the foot of the Gotthard Mountain with the Hasli Valley in the Bernese Oberland, and the village of Wassen in Canton Uri with Innertkirchen in Canton Bern. The Susten Pass road was only opened in 1945 and is the first pass road to be purpose-built for vehicular traffic.

The spectacular Furka–Grimsel–Susten Pass Route leads over three mountain passes and three cantons on pass roads that open up views of breathtakingly beautiful mountain landscapes, quaint villages, deep valleys and amazing roads.

The initial stretch sweeps its way slowly up a beautiful scenic valley floor. The road then steepens and starts to hug the granite walls of the valley as it slowly climbs, with a series of beautiful sweeping bends and great views to the road ahead, before a final tighter stretch with some nice switchbacks to the top. On the way back down make sure you stop for views of the Stein Glacier, there are a couple of decent parking areas on the way down (around 600M from the top of the pass), and its well worth stopping as you can get a great picture of your car with the glacier as a dramatic backdrop.