Rico Rally ‘Monaco Time Baby’ – June 2017

Early on a Sunday morning in mid June 58 cars gathered for a 6 day driving adventure taking in France, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Luxembourg as Rico Rally headed out on another European adventure.

This trip took the cars down through France in to Monaco before heading to the mountains with the Col de I’lseran being the highlight, followed by Mont Cenis, as we headed through Italy for our overnight stay on day 2.

Day 3 was a drive across to the Ferrari museum in Maranello before heading to Lake Garda for Pizza and ice-cream (when in Italy!).  We then hit the twisty roads through the hills before heading to our spa hotel for the evening.

The cars gathered outside the hotel in anticipation as today was taking on the famous Stelvio Pass.  The weather was kind to us, so with smiling faces we set off.  On the way we happened to bump into a few million pounds worth of Porsche 918s who joined us for the climb up Stelvio.

From Stelvio we headed down the Umbrail Pass and the across to the Fluela Pass where we stopped for refreshments, and a few foolish souls went for a dip in the icey lake!  It was then a drive through Switzerland to our hotel for the night in France where we rented the steak house next door for a group meal, along with a few glasses of wine and beer of course.

Day 5 Started with a gentle drive out of Switzerland leading to a spirited drive through the Black forest Route 500 of Germany before heading towards Luxembourg where we stayed on the final night of the event. Then it was a quick freshen up before our final night dinner and awards within the grand function room of the Legere Hotel Luxembourg.

Bleary eyed the next day goodbyes were said to friends old and new before heading back to Calais for the Eurotunnel back to the UK.

Another Rico Rally was done, until the next time.

Photos by DJM Photography

Thanks to the sponsors of this event:
The Vehicle Wrapping Centre

Chrome Northwest Ltd