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Why you should choose Rico Rally for your European Driving Adventure

With so many Road Trips on offer these days why should you choose Rico Rally?

Typical Percentage of Couples on our trips – 45
Typical Percentage of Repeat Customers – 55
Percentage of Fully Booked Trips – 100
Typical Percentage Supercars per Trip – 20
Enjoyment Factor (%) – 100

Unlike many other road trips on offer, Rico Rally starts and finishes in the UK, with your return Euro tunnel included.

So you don’t have to get to somewhere in Europe to start, and you don’t finish 2,000 + miles away from the UK with the expense of getting home to add onto what you’ve already spent.

Each year we spend a lot of time planning new and exciting routes. Then we go and drive them to ensure they are some of the best available for you.

We also visit many hotels whilst on the ‘rekkie’ to check their facilities, location, security etc. and pick only the best to fit in with our trips.

Our trips aren’t all about big boys and their toys.

We have a wide range of people who come on our trips for a variety of reasons.

We regularly have 25-35% of our trips made up by couples.

The age of people on our trips ranges from early 20’s all the way up to mid 60’s.

We’ve even had a couple come as their honeymoon – now that’s a great way to celebrate.

Yes we have some boys and their toys, but let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to spend a week blasting through tunnels and Alpine passes with the odd supercar here and there.

If you love cars and have a sense of adventure then Rico Rally is for you.

You can’t claim to be ‘Europe’s best road trip’ without having ever put on a trip – yes there are plenty of other Car Rallies claiming this, well that’s just foolish. There’s a lot of work goes into planning a trip, finding the right hotels and bolting everything together to ensure that you have a truly excellent and trouble free road trip. We learn each year and update our offering to improve our events.

The number of people who re-book with Rico Rally speaks volumes about the quality of the trips and service we provide. We don’t need to make false claims about how good we are when we do our job so well.

We have been providing successful European driving adventures since 2012

By the end of the first day on your road trip with Rico Rally you’ll be sat in a café bar with a tasty plate of food, a cold drink, and a room full of new friends that you only met that morning.

We design our routes to allow time to socialise in the evenings so find a restaurant with your fellow rally goers and drink the local beer/wine – but not too much, you have a days driving ahead tomorrow.

By design you should not be driving for more than 7 hours in a day. Most of the time it will be 6-6.5 hours, and that will be broken up with fuel stops, lunch breaks & photo opportunities.

You should arrive at your hotel late afternoon / early evening most days, giving you chance to relax and enjoy the carefully selected hotels, their facilities and surroundings.

Memories made